The Best Sex Positions for An Insane Female Orgasm


Ladies! Ever found yourself faking the big “O”? What a bummer, right?  You’ve probably always managed to get yourself off on your own, but why is it that when it comes to sex, the glorious finish just seems to be incredibly elusive? Now, there certainly are a lot of different factors that can affect one’s ability to orgasm during intercourse, and one of those is the sex position. Yup! The angle does matter. Cumming takes more than just your partner’s repetitive thrusting!

Here are the best sex positions that you can try to finally get that toe-curling happy ending:

Wag That Tail With Doggy Style

We gotta give the dogs props here — this position can make you feel divine. Here’s how you do it: get on all fours and ask your partner to kneel behind you. Better stay on a soft surface when you do this so that your knees don’t hurt. While he thrusts, you can either stay still and let him do the job, or you can also push your hips back and forth. This position allows for a really deep penetration. You can also conveniently stimulate your clitoris with your hand or with a toy (or have your partner do it for you), which will allow you to reach orgasm more easily.

Giddy Up in Leaning Cowgirl

Girl-on-top positions work great at helping a woman reach an orgasm because she gets to have complete control over the pace, angle, and depth, and she can easily reach for her clitoris for a more intense stimulation. You can do this variation by riding your partner, but instead of resting on top of him and rubbing your clit against his groin, you lean your back, use your arms for support, and then you move your pelvis up and down. Find the rhythm that feels right and tries to get into the perfect motion that will get you off. You can also use your other hand to play with your clit.

Fly Away With The Butterfly

The Butterfly is pretty much like a tweaked missionary position, and this variation has the potential to give you a mind-blowing orgasm since it allows your partner to better hit your g-spot. To do this, start with the classic missionary position, put a pillow under your butt in order to tilt your pelvis, and then place your legs on the shoulders of your partner. You may also throw both of your legs over the same shoulder. This will make you feel tighter, and your partner more massive. Another way to do this is to lie on your back, with your hips on the bed’s edge. Your partner then stands in front of the edge and thrusts you. Then, just like in the first variation, you put your legs up and across the shoulders of your partner and you angle your hips up. This angle will give you a more intense cervical stimulation.

With these positions, you will no longer have to settle for anything less than an explosive ending. You don’t necessarily need to have acrobatic skills to get into positions that will help you reach an orgasm. Just do whatever makes you feel good and communicate your desires with your partner.


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