Top 9 Food Items That You Can Use During Sex


We already know that sex is amazing, but you can make it even more pleasurable and delicious by incorporating food into your sex life! Check out this list to know what you can eat during sex aside from your partner’s genitals.

  1. Whipped Cream. Yeah, this is pretty cliché now. But it’s cliché for a good reason. Whipped cream offers serious fun. Whip some on your body and your partner’s body, and lick each other up slowly.
  1. Chocolate is always a great treat whether you eat it before, during, or after sex (or even without sex at all). You can choose whichever variety you want. Hold it in your mouth, and then glide it on your partner’s body.
  1. Fruits are nice because they are easy to eat off of your partner’s body. You can go for strawberries, grapes, and cherries because their size is ideal. But you can also use other fruits like apples, oranges, mangoes, etc. Just slice them into bite-size pieces, and do not forget to wash the fruits thoroughly.
  1. Alcohol is known to help people have some passionate sex, but another reason for you to include this item in your sexual endeavors is that body shots are fun! Lick off your favorite liquor from your partner’s belly button for a fun foreplay.
  2.  Syrup is an ideal sex food because it is very ‘lickable.’ Well, how else are you going to eat it off of your partner’s body, right? You can use any syrup that you like – strawberry, chocolate, maple, or even raw honey. It is most likely going to lead to some sticky sex and ruined sheets. But really, who cares about sheets when you get to be licked all over.
  3. Coconut oil has so many uses, and that includes making sex more exhilarating. It’s such a wonderful lubricant (although you are not supposed to use it with a latex condom), and it’s going to make slipping and sliding feel so nice for you and your partner. This tasty oil just really enhances the whole experience. It is also great for anal play and erotic massages.
  1. Ice cools stuff down, but when it comes to sex, it just heats things up. It is perfect for arousing the senses and keeping your partner’s nipples erect. You can also glide it down your partner’s back, around the belly button, between the thighs, or even around the genitals.
  1. Warm Beverage. Taking a sip of any warm beverage such as coffee or tea before going down on your partner can provide him/her with intense pleasure. It’s also a great idea to alternate it with a cold beverage for a unique sensation.
  1. Mints work just like ice in that they provide a cool sensation to whatever you are going to lick. But with mint, you would not have to deal with melting and getting all sloppy. Mints are also going to provide a simultaneous feeling of coolness and warmth, and that’s going to make your partner’s skin tingle.

Use one or more of these food items in your next sexcapade and prepare for a mouth-watering session!


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