How To: Avoid Phrases That Get You Sex-less


Phrases to Avoid During Sex

Communication before, during and after sex is important, as is dirty talking. However, there are plenty of things you can say when you go at it only to find yourself somersaulting from a 4-story window with no idea whatsoever as to what’s going on. You can cry and plead, but some things are simply unforgettable and unforgivable. If you want to be on the safe side and talk during sex as if you had a Ph.D., you should stay away from the following phrases. Here is some phrases to avoid during sex.

Worst Things to Say/Hear During Sex

“Is It In”? 

Who would ever say that without a clear intent to hurt you? Good God! There are a lot of awful things you can say to a man, but this easily tops them all. And it’s not like he isn’t trying!  If you want a break-up that will feel like pulling a band-aid from an open wound, you should slip this in within the first 10 minutes.

“How Long Until You Finish?”

This works both ways and has the same disastrous consequences in both cases. If you hear this, it is most likely because your partner is bored out of his/her mind and that you should have a very serious conversation. The only circumstance is if you are getting extremely sore and you are asking out of pain because you can’t take it any longer.

Any Other Name But Your Partner’s

The sting of the Cowkiller wasp is said to be the most painful thing known to humankind. That’s not it – your girlfriend/boyfriend shouting the name of her/his ex is. This can’t happen unless your partner still has feelings for her/his ex. Again, this warrants an in-depth conversation on where each of you is in the relationship. Leaving all jokes aside, this is truly a painful thing to say or hear when you’re having sex.

“I’m Going Soft”

This is as sure to kill a woman’s appetite as I am sure to die listening to Black Sabbath. It happens to anyone at some point, so don’t lose sleep over it. It’s a put-off, sure, but it isn’t the end of the world.


There’s no recipe for flawless sex, but if there were one, it wouldn’t have included any of the things we’ve listed above. Dirty talking is fine – even recommended, but going past a certain line is bound to cause a catastrophe. Whatever you do and however distracted you are in the bedroom, always task a part of your awareness with preventing you from blurting out such horrendous phrases.


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