How to: Fix A Weak Sex Drive – Causes of Low Libido


Not being in the mood for sex is perfectly normal and happens to absolutely every person in the world at some point or another. Fatigue, stress, having an incompatible partner, being bored with one’s relationship and not finding pleasure in sex any longer are some of the potential causes of low libido.

To some people, having a weak sex drive out of a sudden can be a jarring experience, even if this issue can be solved fairly easily once the cause is pinpointed. In order to answer the question that serves as the title of our article, we have to tackle some of the potential causes of this condition.

Causes of Low Libido 

Among others, low libido can be a consequence of: suffering from depression, having low testosterone, living with chronic stress, being on prescription pills, etc. We should mention that low libido is usually caused more by psychological factors than physiological ones. A fleeting weak sex drive is extremely common, but having it for a prolonged time can be catastrophic for a relationship – this is precisely when it becomes a problem. Chronic low libido can increase the tension between partners and this can’t lead to anything good.

Men are very sexual beings and not looking forward to being in the bedroom with their partners can feel like they’ve been doomed. In this light, low libido is a threat to their masculinity. If you have a hunch that your libido is waning, you should take action immediately.

Tips For When You Have Low Libido 

  1. Eliminate Stress Factors

Those have no place in your life anyway. Try to relax once in a while and you’ll see how huge of a difference it can make in the bedroom. Examine all the stressors in your environments and life, then work on removing them. If nothing works and you’re still particularly anxious, visit your doctor and get yourself hooked up on anxiolytics or whatever they recommend.

  1. Fantasise

Erotic fantasies are crucial in a relationship. Picture your spouse and let your imagination fly free.  Extend foreplay time as well; ask your partner if they would be willing to play out your fantasies. Sooner or later, your libido will be rekindled.

  1. Sleep Properly

Lack of sleep and low libido go hand in hand. Try to get your 8 hours of sleep no matter what. Rest properly and your issue might solve itself. This isn’t a guarantee, though, but it doesn’t hurt to try it out. Ensure you are overall maintaining a healthy lifestyle by drinking plenty of water, avoiding smoking / drinking alcohol and getting exercise daily.

  1. Have Unplanned Sex

This is without a doubt the hottest type of sex there is. The “unexpected” factor can give off some really amazing results. Also, consider having sex in places where you haven’t done it before.


Low libido is normal once you grow old. If it happens when you’re still relatively young, it shouldn’t be a reason to lose your wits. It’s nothing that cannot be solved with a healthier lifestyle or by eliminating stress from your life.


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