Odd Sexual Practices from Around The World


Odd Sexual Practices

Humans have been doing kinky sex since the beginning of time, but sometimes, there are practices that are just more odd than kinky. No, we’re not talking about golden showers or foot-fucking. That’s pretty mild. We’re talking kids-are-required-to-watch-their parents-do-it kind of thing. Want to know more? Here are some odd sexual practices from all over the world that’ll make you say, “I’m lucky I won’t have to do that!”

Boys of the Sambian Tribe Have to Suck Dick and Drink Semen

Hey, it’s their culture. So really, we should just respect that. But what the actual heck??? The Sambian tribe in Papua New Guinea requires their boys to go through these manhood-building activities, one of which involves shoving a wooden stick into these boys’ nostrils until they bleed. This is a test that will determine whether they can endure pain. Another exercise involves sucking the penises of the tribe’s greatest warriors and then swallowing their semen after. The tribe does this because they believe that the masculine spirit of a man is contained in the semen, and by swallowing it, boys can get a dose of that masculinity too. So, essentially, a boy has to suck a dick first before he can be called a warrior.

People From the Inis Beag Island in Ireland Avoid Sex

Most humans think that sex is a stress-reliever. But in the Inis Beag Island, people believe that sex actually causes stress. For this island, sex is considered to be detrimental to the health. Because of this, they try to dismiss the urge, and they always keep their underwear on – literally. People have foreplay only in the forms of kissing and fondling the butt. It makes sense that 1/3 of the population abstains from sex.

Children of the Marquesas Islands Watch Their Parents Have Sex

Can you imagine watching your parents go at it? Can you even stomach the thought of it? Well, the people of the Marquesas Islands can – or rather, MUST. The island encourages sex simulation between adults and children. Furthermore, they initiate children into sexual practices as early as 11 or 12 years old. But wait, there’s more! Children stay in the same bedroom as their parents, and they are expected to watch their parents during sexy time.

Brothers Share Wives in Certain Himalayan Tribes

There are tribes in the Himalayan region of Nepal where brothers are allowed to share a wife. The reason behind this tradition is that the area has limited resources and farmland. When brothers share a wife, there’s less chance that these men will father too many children, and that the family won’t have enough food to eat.

Mangaia Men’s Social Standing is Determined by How Many Their Orgasms are

The Island of Mangaia is a place located near the South Pacific Ocean. In this island, it’s normal for boys to have sex as early as 13. Sex is a fairly important part of their society. Boys are taught by older women about how to pleasure females, and yes, “teaching” means sexing them up. This is crucial because a Mangaia man’s social standing is determined by the number of orgasms that he can have in one night. The island of Mangaia also considers female orgasm to be important, and the culture practically requires couples to have sex every week. Now, that’s not too bad.


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