Q&A With Porn Star Amity Adams, A Feminist


At last year’s Sexpo we were fortunate enough to chat with Melbourne-based feminist porn star/glamour model Amity Adams. Welcoming us to sit with her on the couch and chat for a little while, we got a little glance into life in the Australian porn industry.

Q&A with Amity Adams, a straight, queer-friendly, feminist porn star

How did you get into glamour modelling?

Amity Adams: I’ve been doing glamour modelling for a while. I actually started out acting in Neighbours years ago. As well as other TV shows. It was kinda funny, me going from the mainstream to glamour modelling and then porn. I know it sounds a bit of a step, but I felt like I had more freedom doing this. It was more honest than some of the other stuff.

When did you start modelling/acting?

Amity Adams: I started modelling when I was 14 or 15. I am 25 now.

When were you on Neighbours?

Amity Adams: Probably when I was about 19 or 20. And then I did Satisfaction, a TV show about escorts. It was a Foxtel TV series with Madeline West and it was about a high class brothel. I’d always been interested in porn and escorting and that sort of stuff, so I guess that’s why I made the transition. You can ask me anything, I don’t have a filter!

Have you worked as an escort?

Amity Adams: Yes I have. I do still, but I work on a very selective, boutique basis. I believe that it’s my body and I think that if someone is going to talk to me in a respectful way, then I have an appointment with people. I don’t really do it any other way, if people are rude or anything. I’m very selective about it, I don’t work frequently.

Tell me about Bright Desire? 

Amity Adams: They’re a feminist porn company. I love working with people in feminist porn. Feminist porn is about portraying women in a certain way…a really beautiful way that’s not degrading. It’s really empowering to women and that’s probably why I get involved with stuff like that.

What companies have you worked with?

Amity Adams: In terms of porn, I’ve worked with LightsouthernAussieAss and Bright Desires.

I’ve decided recently that I am going to keep it feminist because it works with what I stand for.

I’m being more selective in choosing how I want to be portrayed. I think it’s just the way that the porn comes across afterward. When it’s filmed it can be great, but how it comes across after it, it can be really beautiful in that feminist way. Because a woman films it and she really honours women.

And she knows what women want?

Amity Adams: Yeah, exactly!

Have you ever filmed a scene that you weren’t happy with afterward it was edited?

Amity Adams: Yeah definitely. I wouldn’t name names, but I just felt that there have been places I’ve worked in the past that I guess…have portrayed me in quite a demeaning way…and that was disappointing. It’s not just them…I think at the time it was just that maybe I didn’t stand up for myself and go, “that’s not how I wanna be portrayed.”

Was that more at the beginning of your career?

Amity Adams: Definitely.

I think also my sister coming out and saying she is gay changed things for me. I did a girl-girl-girl scene and didn’t realise the impact it may have had on the gay community, in portraying women in a certain way.

…That made me really have a personal approach to girl-girl porn, because people think that all lesbians, or however someone wants to identify themselves, has to be a certain way and then that can lead to this kind of “that’s how a lesbian is meant to be” or “that’s how someone is meant to be.” So I’m really choosy now because I am personally connected to it.

Are there a lot of porn production companies here in Australia?

Amity Adams: Yeah there is. A lot of it goes overseas, I’m filming twice this month with Lightsouthern for two companies and they’re both overseas in Europe, most of it gets filmed here and it goes overseas.

Does porn keep you busy?

Amity Adams: Yeah. You get burnt out. I sometimes feel like I’m living out of a suitcase. When I go home there is no make up – it’s trackies and I hang out with my dogs. It’s about family. And that’s how I stay grounded and not become overwhelmed by it.

Do you have a favourite performer you’ve worked with?

Amity Adams: Oh definitely! Um, Rob Paulson! Yeah, he’s an Australian porn star and I think he definitely portrays women in a very beautiful way. Plus he’s so lovely to work with. He’s actually my partner, so yeah, we’ve worked together. But even before we were connected, he takes everyone out for lunch…he really treats women with respect and I really love that about him. We actually met through porn.

How did you realise it was more than a porn connection?

Amity Adams: Oh I reckon from the start! I kind of just knew from the start.

Do you know a lot of people that date within the industry?

Amity Adams: Yeah I do. I’ve dated someone else in the industry and didn’t have the best experience, but it’s just that everyone’s different. And you know, certain people are in the industry for one reason, and some are in it for another reason. Sometimes dating in the industry is easier because there’s a certain understanding of what you’re doing, what it’s about and there’s a mutual respect. You can talk to them.

What do you think the future holds for Amity Adams?

Amity Adams: I’m really working on my blog and I really wan to do some empowering, amazing writing. I want to write and interview people about topics to empower women with sex. I want to work on gender equality. So my blog, I think that’s something I really wanna work on. I’d love to do a sex toy line too.

What do you think your signature sex toy would be?

Amity Adams: Have you heard of the Bodywand? Yeah I’m obsessed with that! That is the best sex toy ever. My partner has banned me from it! (Laughing) No, no. But they’re so good, I tell everyone about them. Me and my partner were talking about it…we don’t want to say too much but we want to do something together – a sex toy line for couples. I’m finding a lot of couples aren’t connected in the bedroom. They’re the people I would see when I was escorting. They’re the people I see that come to me for advice. We need to connect couples because I don’t want people to come see me as an escort behind their wife’s back. Let’s have conversations about this. So that’s what I really want to do… we want to do a blog that’s joined together and do a sex toy line that’s kind of about helping couples, rather than using this toy because that person’s not compensating.

Do you think a lot of people think of sex toys as personal things they can’t share with their partner in the bedroom? 

Amity Adams: Yes and people are so embarrassed by it. They’re so embarrassed to use a toy or bring it into the bedroom. Or guys are intimidated by toys. But if you add that in, it can be awesome! So we’d love to have something that empowers men and women together. Because we are in the industry together as something like, as a couple team currently so we’d love to do something like that.

Have girls approached you for advice on how to get into porn/the adult entertainment industry?

Amity Adams: I think it’s more guys.

Guys contact me saying, “I’ve got a big dick – how do I get into the porn industry?” and I’m like, “it’s got nothing to do with that!

My boyfriend has got a massive penis but it’s actually about the way you perform. It is a performance and it’s about creating a brand. I think they just think it all sex. Porn sex isn’t always that great – it is a performance and it’s portraying people in a certain way. Advice that I’d give women is really think about how it’s going to impact your life. Really, really think about that.

Are you completely open with everyone in your life?

Amity Adams: Yeah, totally open. Everyone knows.

At the start it was definitely hard for my family because I’ve studied, I grew up in a small country town and I was the shy girl. I was picked on at school for being ugly and then suddenly I’m doing porn and people were like “What the fuck?” (Laughing).

But yeah, everyone was alright, they just… obviously your parents…it’s not something people want their kids to do. But then when they understand that I’m coming from a different place…I think that’s when they know what I’m trying to do with it…and I have realistic expectations of the industry and I’m very careful with my choices. I stay really business minded about it. You have to think of it as a business or you can get very caught up in it and I always know to come back to my home – I think that’s really important.

Do you go back to the small town?

Amity Adams: Yeah! I’ve got a place there. It’s a bit weird though.

When I walk up the street, they’re like “Oh my god!” Like I’m the devil or something. It’s pretty funny.

But I get really protective of my family… I just think that you have to know how to separate the two. I chose to be in this, my family didn’t. Sometimes I think I didn’t really think about how it would impact them…

What do people say to you when they approach you?

Amity Adams: They want photos, or they just wanna ask you questions about porn or like “Do you like this?” or “Do you like that?” A lot of people, most of the time, they wanna just know personal things about you. I think they feel very connected to you on an intimate level. So when it’s sex, they feel very connected or they tell you they love you or something. I get told they love me a lot; but they’re so shy.  

A big thank you to Amity Adams for talking to us and giving us some insight on what it’s like to go from soapies to skin flicks. If you’re on Twitter, give Amity a follow @amity_adams or check out her brand spankin’ new website.


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    • Hi Sol, yes she’s still on Twitter. Her new handle is @Amity_Adamsxxx however her website isn’t working at the moment. We’ll keep you posted if there’s any change in her Twitter account

  1. Clive Williams on

    😍 I am so happy to know that porn star Amity Adams is a feminist because I feel it is about time that women begin riding on top and dominating the porn industry.

  2. I agree with Clive…..there is way too much disrespect of women in porn. It seems so many directors just don’t know how to portray women as sexual partners and not a convenient receptacle for a man’s cum. To see her as beautiful, to see her and an active partner in pleasure, to see HER reaching her climax…..these a re heavenly things too many directors have no clue about.

    They all use the same script, the same camera angles and hardly ever vary from it…..although this is probably because whoever bankrolls a shoot doesn’t want artistic or emotional stuff; they are looking to make money and will not vary from a “proven” formula.

    Although it is not unknown, few shoots ever show a couple making love rather than just pounding at each other. To see a woman on top, moving slowly and sensually to he taking pleasure is very rare….to see her making love to that erect manhood is, to me, exceptionally erotic. I especially like it when she is riding high instead of just being clutched and pounded by the guy.

    But I guess that’s just me, and most men want to see the same old thing over and over again, just different actors. Oh well.

  3. Do, where is amity Adams these days? I only discovered her this year, and as far as the internet goes, it only seems she did two videos with her man. Did she retire? Is she dead?

    • We haven’t heard from her in a while and her Twitter hasn’t been active in a while either. She may have retired or just out of the industry. But if we hear from her, we’ll let you know 🙂

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