Hooking Up versus Dating


Dating–is a prelude to becoming an actual couple. People date for different reasons, mostly to find a suitable partner for the future. Those individuals that are dating are testing out the waters, learning about each other, and some are even falling in love with their potential partner. Dating is the beginning of what could be a future together for both participants. In other words, wooing your potential partner into creating a life together.

Hooking up–believe it or not, there is some controversy over what this actually means! Hooking up to some is a no strings attached sexual romp, where no one expects anything except a night of good old sexual fun. To others it can also be called a ‘booty call’ which I don’t think I need to explain to you since it’s the same thing. And yet, to others it can be anything from sharing a passionate kiss to having actual sex. From what I’ve learned, it depends on the generation you come from as well. The most popular term I’ve seen when talking about hooking up is simply, casual sex. To most people this is exactly what hooking up is, a fun night of safe, casual sex with an almost complete stranger. But it has been said that hooking up can just simply mean spending a non-sexual evening together just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. No worries, I was surprised by that revelation as well.

Obviously, one other thing that should be pointed out is that a definite difference between the two is that one involves the possibility of romantic feelings, even love, more than the other. Dating is also a more long-term commitment than just hooking up and takes much more into consideration. Hooking up is more for the people that aren’t looking to be in a relationship of any kind right now, they just want to be able to enjoy the pleasures of the skin without worrying about what to cook your partner for dinner that night. Seems to me, depending on your current situation, either one might be suitable for your present needs, and I have nothing negative to say about either.

So whether you’re looking to hook up for some no strings attached fun, or looking to date many or a few willing participants, always, always, choose what you feel more comfortable with. Above all, enjoy yourself, and be safe.



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