Sexual Health Series Introduction


Sexual Health is the most important part to your career as a sex worker. For this reason I have devoted a lot of time to this topic. However before we get started I want to highlight some important points.

I am a sexologist and a sex worker not a doctor, and I’ve written this based on what I tell the sex workers that I train. I’ve included links to more information on all the infections and HIV, what I’ve written is a quick overview of what to look out for in the course of your bookings. Please do your own further research, I recommend Google imaging all the STI’s so you can see images of the signs I’ve spoken about. But please be aware, the images of the infections are normally the severe cases, so in real life what you see on your clients will probably be more mild presentations.

When looking through the sexual health risks it can sound very morbid and very dangerous. With proper use of safer sex protocols, performing client health checks, good hygiene it’s very possible to have a long career without ever contracting anything.

It is also a really good idea to form a strong relationship with your doctor. As well as seeking them out to provide testing and treatment; they are also a great resource to answer all your questions regarding sexual health, what to look for, the different risks associated with different levels of service.

There is also a debate within the industry regarding natural services with natural oral being at the forefront, but also natural sex. In this sexual health series it is my goal to provide information on all levels so that you individually can decide for yourself what risk you are willing to take. For this reason I’ve covered the additional health risks associated with the most common natural services offered today. I am in no way saying that there is a correct amount of risk to assume, as I believe it’s all up to the individual to decide. There is also a difference in the sexual health norms between porn performers and traditional sex workers. Ultimately I view this all to be the same, performing natural sex in front of a camera is no different in terms of the risk to your health as having natural sex with a client.

Ultimately your health is your responsibility; so don’t rely on anyone else to keep you safe in your line of work. Seek out as much knowledge as possible and determine the risks you are willing to take.


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