How to Get Started in Webcam Stripping


Webcam strippers – more commonly known as webcam performers – aren’t very different from regular strippers. The only real difference is that they do it in front of a webcam for an audience that could, theoretically, be scattered all over the world. There are of course people who do this for free, but many women (and men, even!) also enjoy taking their clothes off with the added benefit of actually getting paid for it. The question you may be asking, however, is simply this: how on earth do you get started?

Setting Up Your Performance Area

You will, of course, need to get the basics: a computer, webcam and a “performance area” which is pleasing to the eye where you can carry out your acts. Afterward, you need to make sure that you actually get an audience – and an audience who will pay you. This means taking a look at a range of different platforms which will hire you as an independent contractor. Take a look at the money you can earn: often, what you earn is based on how popular and how in demand you are. If you have any particular gimmick that you know will sell, make sure to use it! Some performers, in fact, enjoy having sex with their partners in front of the webcams although this isn’t always the case. Many of them will be “solo artists”.

Know What You Will and Won’t Do

While you may feel that you are comfortable with everything, especially if you are an exhibitionist, you will also have limits. This is something you need to understand about yourself before you decide to turn on that webcam and get those clothes off. Sometimes, it takes a little bit of experimenting to determine just what it is you will and won’t do.

If you want, you can go onto forums where webcam performers will often discuss the tricks of the trade and what they enjoyed getting up to. Make sure to read through them first and get a sense of what the industry is like.


A lot of people seem to think that being a webcam performer simply involves whipping your tits out in front of the computer and getting people to pay you. However, the audience on the other side wants to see a show and you need to put a show on. There is, in fact, a hell of a lot of skill involved in this profession! No matter how good looking you happen to be, you will not make a lot of money if you put on a mediocre or downright boring show.

So, make sure to practice! Do a few shows and keep them for yourself: take a look at them and see where you can improve. You will be surprised to find that there are a lot of techniques you can pick up on the way. And this is where the online webcam performer community comes in handy and will help you!


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