Can You Successfully Market on Pornhub, Youporn?


Whether or not you can successfully market on Pornhub, Youporn and other adult dating sites depend on your marketing strategy.

The adult dating site is still one of the most powerful marketing tools for entrepreneurs selling adult products. Unlike social media marketing wherein you have no control over the people who can view your content, adult dating sites gather people who may be willing to patronize your brand. You have a ready bunch of consumers and all you need to do is to make them interested.

Here are some tips so you can successfully market on Pornhub, Youporn, and other Adult dating site:

Create a target market

Customers of adult dating sites come from different countries. Aside from Australia, you have United States, Germany, United Kingdom and France. They have the highest volume of consumers, but you have to create a strategy to beat your competitors. There are many affiliates with good offers so you have to strategize on how to get your consumers’ attention. Then, you have consumers from Canada, Brazil, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Denmark, and Netherlands. IT has a less competitive market but there are nice selections of offers from affiliates. While it has a lower volume than the first group, you can still make thousands of profits a day if you will offer your services or products to this market. You can also pick other countries as a target as long as you can deliver your products or services to them.

Create a more personal and simplified campaign and don’t try to copy what affiliates are doing.

Originality and creativity go and hand in hand. If you like to outsmart other marketers, make sure that your campaign is worth looking at. Whether it’s improvised guerilla marketing or a social media marketing campaign that you’re using when marketing to adult dating sites; there is nothing wrong in creating bits and pieces of content that can surely grab any body’s attention.

Remember that Pornhub and Youporn have their own share of top affiliates that you can’t simply outbid because of their organized and optimized campaigns, years of experience, payouts and advertisement campaigns. These porn sites also have their own advertisers and it may be a bit tricky to go through the internal team’s traffic.

Sell the value of your brand

There are many products out there that could catch anybody’s attention, What you should focus on is the value of your brand itself. Why is it more valuable than the rest? What is in your brand or perhaps in your company that is worth mentioning? There are stories behind brands and people love stories. Nighties are not simple fabrics and shoes are not just leather or plastic materials. They have stories behind them. Potential consumers have stories too; that’s why marketing is all about storytelling. The challenge is in translating a good story into a sale.

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