How to Buy a Lingerie That Your Girlfriend Will Love it


How to Buy a Lingerie

Let’s face it, guys: we’re buying our girlfriends lingerie we’d love to see them wearing. That’s how it works. So why need this guide about how to buy a lingerie?

Because, on one hand, new lingerie is supposed to be a surprise gift, so we can’t ask them about their preference and on the other hand, we hope there’s something in it for us but it needs to be something they like first. Picking up lingerie that will satisfy both partners can be a quite difficult thing to do. There are too many aspects to take into consideration and too many products to choose from. If you’re in dire straits when it comes to this, use the following tips and you might get the job done a lot quicker.

Tips to Use 

  1. Look Through Her Drawer

She loves the underwear she already has, there’s no doubt about that. Those pieces will give you a hint as to what her preferences are. Take notice of colours, designs, and materials that she likes. Does she like lace? Black? Colourful? Satin? Cotton? G-Strings? Corsets? Start observing her preferences long before you make any purchases.

  1. Don’t Go with Kinky Stuff from the Start

One thing is sure: men love crotchless panties more than ladies do. If your girlfriend doesn’t have a penchant for kinky, barely visible underwear, she won’t change her mindset just because you want her to. There’s a line between elegance and kinkiness and you shouldn’t go past it. Unless we’re talking about leather panties.. if it’s leather panties, you should always go past that line.

  1. Know Her Insecurities 

Unlike men, women will always feel insecure about a certain part of their bodies. If your partner doesn’t like her behind and thinks that it’s flat, you shouldn’t get underwear that emphasizes her “cheeks”.  If you’ve been in a relationship for years, you’re probably already familiar with what she likes and what she hates about her body. Buy her lingerie that goes in concord with those securities and insecurities. The lingerie should be making her feel sexy and confident, so buy her ones that accentuate her favourite features.

  1. Shop Online

Shopping for women’s underwear in the mall is sure to cause some embarrassment in most men. Plus, you can easily pass as a sexual deviant. Shopping online is amazing because it offers privacy, a large variety of products and most of the time, more cost-effective. Moreover, if she buys her underwear from the Internet anyway, you can surf the site she’s using for this purpose. This will reduce the time you’ll have to spend finding the best underwear there is for her.


Nobody ever said that giving lingerie as a present is an easy thing, especially if you haven’t done it before. You shouldn’t make mountains out of molehills, though: you’ll get better in time. The first time’s the most difficult. Your personal taste should have some weight in the final decision, too, but it shouldn’t eclipse that of your partner. After all, the gift is for her, not you, even if you’ll enjoy it indirectly. We hope you’ll find these tips helpful and that you’ll get a nice reward for the effort of having gone through so much trouble for her.


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