Dogging vs Voyeurism


Sex as a spectacle is often denoted as a taboo practice – at least in certain, more prude, circles — in which people are shamed for, and ostracized if caught participating. Yet we continue to view, even those who vehemently deny having any part. But lets face it, we’ve all browsed adult websites and were excited about what we saw. Watching it, or being watch is hailed as a thrill unmatched by standard sex practices, among many other things, that is.

If two people are getting it on in the park, it’s the possibility of being caught that gets their heart pumping and adrenaline surging. That’s, in part, why it’s fun. Sometimes, they may invite a friend to look, and for that person looking it is a thrill of its own. But there are differences in terminology for the people who are looking and being looked at, like dogging and voyeurism. But what is the difference? And where do you fall on the spectrum?

Lets begin with voyeurism. It’s a strictly watching practice. If you are pleased just watching, and not touching, then you are a voyeur. If you are browsing the Internet looking at sex videos or pay to sit behind a one-way mirror, then, you guessed it, it’s voyeurism. Many people are voyeurs, or have in some way participated in voyeurism. Looking at your significant other undress before a shower? Yeah, it’s voyeurism.

Simply put, voyeurism is watching and getting sexually aroused. Now, it becomes something different when you move beyond the proclivity of watching, to having sex in public. The couple in the previous scenario having sex in the park are dogging while their friend watches. It’s much different, but in the same vein. If the person watching steps from the realm of viewing and begins to have sex, it transforms into dogging. However, there are still some similarities.

Dogging is an extension of exhibitionism, which encapsulates any act of public nudity. So, a voyeur would be the person getting sexually excited from watching an exhibitionist running nude down the street. In some instances being seen is part of the act, like streaking or flashing. But with dogging it’s more about doing it beyond the comfort and seclusion of your home than it is being seen. Not saying that if you want to be seen it becomes something entirely different, it’s just the focus is on where the sex is, not who is seeing the sex.

If you do it in the park, on the sidewalk, or a bathroom on a plane, it doesn’t really matter, you’re dogging. If it’s midday and you turn the corner and see two people having sex on the sidewalk and decide to stick around to see how it will finish, you, my friend, are a voyeur.

Written by guest writer: Doug Hrdlicka
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