Adult SEO: Breaking the Marketing Barriers


Adult SEO is any efforts towards making your adult site rank high as possible in Google and other search engine results when users submit keywords or queries.

Today, entrepreneurs are spending money on Search Engine Optimization not only to get the most out of their site’s organic performance in the search results but to divert heavy amounts of internet traffic into it. They are best able to do it by delivering substantive content relevant to the searched keywords.

How do you drive organic traffic—meaning, drawing relevant visitors to your adult website from various search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, and referral sources like Social Media and blogs?

If you want to generate leads and increase sales by helping search engines rank your website on the first page, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Understand the importance of adult SEO:

An increase in the organic (not paid) traffic to your website means that many users who are also potential customers get to see your website and what you have to offer. Lots of customers signify that you’re having as many Click Per Acquisition as possible. These clicks translate into revenues, and profits to your site.

  1. Use the right keywords

Identify the keyword frequently used in the adult industry. This shouldn’t be a difficult or time consuming process because you know what consumers are looking for. But, identifying keywords and optimizing them are two different things. You cannot implement a powerful adult marketing strategy without looking into two major determinants of a successful SEO campaign:

  • Deep market research: Define your marketing persona. Who is your ideal reader? If you are targeting women in their 40s, find out what are their favorite sites, the type of content that appeals to them and how they feed on the materials they receive.
  • User intent research: How are your target customers using the internet for information? What are they looking for? For example, if you’re selling lingerie, don’t just focus on the generic keywords. Because these users already have something in mind, and they won’t waste time clicking thoughtlessly on various links appearing on the results pages.

Your role as a marketer is to identify the key words and phrases that they are typing-based on something that they are looking for. When you do, make sure to capitalize on those terms and maximize their visibility. With a good strategy, you can convert these visitors into consumers-either by making a sale or referrals.

Here’s the secret in identifying and streamlining keywords to use—

Identify primary keywords and their long tail modifications. For example, if you’re using “black lingerie” as your primary keywords-that’s a short tail of your keyword list. A short tail is vital when writing a blog on such topic. While it can help you rank high on search engines, it won’t guarantee high quality traffic.

To access more potent traffic—meaning, ‘users who will convert later on’, make a modified long tail version of your keywords, like “black lingerie in NSW” or “2017 lace black lingerie”. It will help you generate more conversion-prone traffic to your online lingerie shop. Look at how these modified keywords narrow the field of traffic by focusing on users who are looking for a ‘certain’ product they want to buy.

  1. Create relevant and link-worthy content

Focus on quality content-with original and catchy content using highly searched keywords. It must be substantive and not just ‘good from the keyword point of view’. Don’t settle for low-quality content just for the purpose of link building and site promotion.

Here’s where substantive content beats spun and duplicate content—you may entice people to your website but when they get there, they will leave as fast as they first got in.

Remember that bloggers and mainstream websites don’t typically link to adult sites. Porn, adult products and services are things users don’t usually talk about on their real Facebook account. But, a brilliantly done content on sensitive adult topics is one that you can brag about. It is timeless and able to fetch links—especially if it is something exceptional and a message that users can relate to.

  1. Don’t underestimate the value of Meta Title and Meta Description

What shows up in Search Engine Result Pages? It is your page title tag. Since search engines like Google and Bing use your page title tag as the title of the search results for that page—be careful when writing your Meta title.

In the same way, Meta description, like Meta title is also one of the most important on-page ranking factors because it provides a brief and concise summary of the content in your website. If you provide a brief, interesting and unique introduction to your web site, three’s a greater likelihood that a user will actually click on the link you provided and eventually visit your website.

Adult SEO is nothing compared to mainstream, SEO. If you want to do it right, contact Adult Press Digital Marketing Group


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