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Here at Adult Press we are loud and proud advocates for the adult industry. We think sex is great and you should be free to do it as you wish (with consent of course).

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Since Australia has a very open minded nature when it comes to adult-esque things, it’s very common to find directory services for brothels and escorts online and in print news. And why not? Australia is free to advertise, and have sex workers operate on a day to day basis across the country, but this isn’t the case around the world.

Adult Services Around the World

The laws on sex work and adult services vary considerably around the world, from total prohibitions to minimal regulation to no restriction on the activities at all… Incarceration, remedial training and capital punishment have never been effective on the trades, the acts of sex work or prostitution are hard to come to an agreement on in discussion in general.

In Sudan, Iran, North Korea and Saudi Arabia, sex work/prostitution is a crime that is punishable by death. Scary, right? Well we thought it best you know what we know about the laws around the word in regards to adult services..

In Asia the region seems to have disagreements on the laws which exist on paper, but occur in practice. Thailand is a prime sex tourism destination, but prostitution is illegal. This is a common occurrence. In Japan child prostitution is becoming a serious problem, past surveys indicated that 30-35% of workers in the Mekong sub-region of Southeast Asia were between the ages of 12 – 17.

In the USA the sale or purchase of sexual services is illegal, except for in Nevada where they have brothels licensed in some parts of the state. However, it is punishable by law with heavy fines and prison sentences elsewhere across the nation of the red white and blue.

Mexico has decriminalised prostitution / sex work, most states even regulate the industry. Many towns require the providers of these adult services to attend regular health checks, and carry health cards to prove they are ok to work. Pimping and brothel ownership is illegal; sex trafficking and underage prostitution however, is sadly still present across Mexico.

The United Kingdom has similar laws to Canada with prostitution/sex work. It may not be completely illegal although acts related to prostitution are against the law… to clarify; running a brothel, an escort agency, soliciting sex, human trafficking or pimping are all punishable criminal offences by law – however, working as a private escort is not an offence.

Across Africa, prostitution is mostly illegal but due to widespread poverty it is still a very common practice. Said to be one of the main drivers of HIV/AIDS, social breakdown and extreme poverty caused by civil wars caused further increases in the rates of sex work, prostitution and human trafficking in these countries. It is fast becoming a prime destination for sex tourism for all the worst reasons…

Europe has varying laws across many countries. The Dutch legalised prostitution/sex work in the mid 1800’s. In the 1980’s it was finally recognised as a profession by law and by October 2000 bans on brothels, and pimping, were lifted. The industry is now regulated, prostitutes or sex workers are registered workers, they are issued licenses and the councils conduct inspections to ensure working conditions are up to their standards. Forced prostitution or sex work of any kind is still firmly illegal and punishable by law under the Dutch Penal Code.

Sex work / prostitution is legal and regulated in Germany, Latvia and Hungary too, although it does remain illegal in most of Eastern Europe’s ex-communist countries.

Laws surrounding prostitution / sex work vary by country around the entire world – it’s best you stay educated.


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