Adult Entertainment for Dummies


I’m sure you have heard of the term adult entertainment, but do you know what it really is?

Adult entertainment as the name suggests, is entertainment intended to be viewed by adults only. It is devoted to sexually explicit activities and its approach may be an obscenity or atrocity nevertheless displays the value of sexual diversity.

Adult Entertainment

Adult entertainment is a broad umbrella term that can encompass a wide-range of adult industry enterprises. For better comprehension, the following words and phrases are defined to give you a better understanding on the terms regarding adult entertainment:

A. Adult entertainment – any sexual dance or show, merchandise, pantomime, modeling, material, exhibition or any other like performance of any type with the intent to stimulate or excite the patron’s sexual desires.

B. Adult entertainment business – any establishment providing adult entertainment such as:

a. Adult theater – a commercial establishment where adult films and motion pictures are regularly shown.
b. Adult retail establishment – any adult bookstore, adult video store, adult novelty store or other similar commercial establishments.
c. Exotic dance studio, topless bar and adult cabaret – any strip club, adult night club, adult bar or restaurant or similar commercial establishment where an entertainer provides live sexual performances.
d. Brothel – a place where people come to engage in sexual activity with a sex worker.
e. Erotic massage establishment
f. Gay sauna

C. Adult entertainment materials – any adult books and magazines, adult films and motion pictures, photographs, CDs, DVDs and electronic media, as well as adult toys, sexual devices, equipment, paraphernalia, games, clothing or other merchandise or material used to arouse a person or for sexual purposes.

D. Adult Entertainer – any person who provides adult or sexual entertainment e.g. stripper, exotic dancer, escort.

There is never a shortage of adult entertainment here in Australia – from brothels like Liaisons in Sydney or The Boardroom in Melbourne, to strip clubs like Hollywood Showgirls in Queensland and Sefton Playhouse in NSW. You can also find a number of swingers clubs like Gold Coast’s Chateau Vino and even political parties and advocacy organisations such as the Sex Party and the Eros Foundation.

In this modern day, the adult entertainment industry has so much influence and control. As people become more open, this subject becomes less and less tabooed by society. There is no question that this billion dollar industry is here to stay because there’s simply too much interest and too many people having the need to realise their sexual desires.



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