How to fail miserably at “sexy school girl” costume role play


School girl costumes

School uniforms are compulsory at most schools in Australia. My school was rather religious and pretty damn strict to be honest. Girls got detention if they didn’t wear the correct shade of green ribbon in their hair. Boys got detention if their hair even suggested it would grow beyond their collar. We had very few options when it came to making our uniforms look in any way cool. Still, I probably could have made mine look a little less naff. However my borderline religious fundamentalist parents didn’t help. If I remember correctly, my mother nearly grounded me when I asked her to help shorten my skirt. So I looked on jealously (and slightly perversely), as the other girls managed to successfully play the sexy school girl.

Funnily enough, as a twenty-something, I still don’t think I could pull it off. I also haven’t quite worked out what it is about the school girl costume that sends boys a little crazy. It’s a tad gross. Being that most school girls are UNDER AGE. But like it or not, the sexy school girl is one of the most popular role play requests.

A friend of a friend of a friend of mine has the whole routine perfectly down pat. She owns a full on school girl costume. She styles her hair in pig tails and plays the part perfectly. And I know this because I’ve seen a demonstration. I sat there the entire time with my mouth hanging open at just how fantastic she was when it came to role playing a sexy school girl.

How is she able to pull off this sexy costume and I still haven’t quite mastered tying my shoelaces?

While I have had many a conversation about costume wearing with many a partner, I still find the whole thing pretty funny. Truth be told, most of my partners have wanted to indulge in some sort of role play. And the sexy school girl costume is almost always the preference. Why?

I would like to clarify at this point that I would happily partake in such costume wearing IF I was only capable of pulling it off. I know that there needs to be a commitment to the whole production. I would need to utter things like, “I’ve been a bad girl!” and then bend over seductively so my uniform becomes kind of redundant.

If I could do any of that without laughing my head off (or falling over), I think I would. I just know it’s going to end terribly.

My attempts at a “sexy yet innocent face” in costume actually resembles a cross between an awkward twitch and a baby tasting lemon for the first time

When I try to think about it, I imagine myself attempting to twirl my pig tails (I have short hair by the way) and getting my finger stuck somehow. Or seductively smacking a ruler on some exposed skin and a bunch of splinters explode in the poor person’s face.

I have to admit, I RULED THE SCHOOL…well, academically speaking. But when it came to hooking up, being sexy and making my uniform into something the pervy economics teacher found arousing, I failed miserably. I don’t think I fully reached puberty until I was about 18 to be honest. So now that I’m officially “of age”, the idea of role play is kind of enticing. I just need to know how to not screw it up.

Please help!

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