Fishnets, corsets and the 2015 Sydney Oz Comic Con


As a DC Comics enthusiast and fellow geek, Oz Comic Con was just heaven!

Let me start over.

I went to the Sydney Oz Comic Con this Saturday dressed as Black Canary with fishnets and a corset while the weather was windy and slightly cold for my outfit. You can just imagine the stares from people around me at the train station and on the train but that didn’t bother me. I was on my way to the ultimate geek fest (said in the utmost loving way) and no weird stare was going to stop me. In my head, I was just thinking that I was going to see “my people”.

Sydney Oz Comic Con

Off I went to Oz Comic Con, accompanied by my friend who wasn’t in costume, which only made me look weirder of course. The first few people I see was Ned Kelly, Shinigami (demon from Death Note), Poison Ivy and a few other costumed characters (and that was just on the ferry to Geek Island, actually it’s Glebe Island).

So we got to Glebe Island where the convention was held. The place was packed with people in costumes and people in regular clothes with their favourite characters on their T-shirts. We found lots of stalls selling different merchandises and fan arts after entering the convention centre. And then I saw these black partitions, I got curious and followed my way toward the entrance of that section and lo and behold, it was a stage where celebrities did their Q and A’s with the fans.

Of course I got excited! But I got even more excited when I found out that Jim Beaver will be coming on stage in 2 minutes.

Jim Beaver! Also known as Bobby Singer from the TV show Supernatural! (OMG!!!!!!)

So of course I had to stay. Where else would I be?

But alas, after a few minutes of drooling over Jim Beaver, we went to explore the rest of the convention centre.

After seeing a few Batmans, Poison Ivys, Batgirls and even Scarecrow, we reached the Star Wars section of the convention. There were Storm Troopers posing for pictures with convention goers. But the impressive bit was the 8 foot tall Chewbacca. At first I wasn’t sure if it was a real person in costume or an installation, but when rushed toward it, it was actually a guy in a costume on stilts. But still, it was pretty impressive.

Warning: Please excuse some blurry images due to my excited shaky hands and poor photography skills.

More and more stalls selling memorabilia, fan art, comic books, toys, T-shirts, etc, the place was just full of them. We found this little area where these people were demonstrating how to apply body paint/makeup like in Hollywood movies to the audience. It was interesting to see how much patience it takes to be the makeup artist as well as the actor who needs that makeup applied to their body. So much time, effort and dedication involved in it. And so many products just to get it right!!

There were a lot of sections dedicated to Star Wars since the new sequel is in the works and it’s like the most anticipated movie at the moment. Of course there were a lot of Anime characters walking around the convention centre too. One of the best parts of going to this convention was figuring out who was dressed as what. It was actually fun to do that.

My friend and I were walking around the convention centre, oogling at all the merchandise, contemplating whether we should spend hundreds of dollars on comic books or not. And suddenly we hear the song Livin’ La Vida Loca playing loudly and saw some people flocked around this other group of people. So we decided to check it out and found … A bunch of Deadpools having a dance off on that tiny dance floor in the middle of the convention centre. People were taking pictures and everyone was just having fun.

When we reached the autograph signing area, we saw Rob Maschio (Todd from Scrubs) actually dressed as Todd with the sleeveless green scrubs, bandanna and his DOC tattoo on his arm. I was freaking out since I love that show. And we also saw Brian Krause (Leo from Charmed), we both freaked out. We really wanted to scream “Leo” at him like in the show to see if he looks up but for fear of getting thrown out of the convention centre, we didn’t actually do it. But man… we would’ve loved to have done it.

We also saw Dante Basco (Hook), now better known for his voice acting talents in The Legend of Korra, signing autographs for his queuing fans. My friend really wanted to meet him but it takes a few bucks to get a signature and we were both too stingy for it (oh wells). We found a section of the convention centre dedicated purely to gamers – board games and card games. The people playing there were amazing at it too. I wouldn’t know where to even start so I was just watching them go.

Before we left while we were walking toward the exit, we saw this booth with a few girls in sexy superhero costumes with a sign saying, “Vibro Glove”. I wondered if it meant what I thought it meant. And one of the girls came up to me and starting using her Vibro Glove on me. I felt tingly all over. (And get your head out of the gutter) She didn’t touch me inappropriately; she touched my neck and shoulders which sent tingly sensations throughout my body. It’s used as a massager but hey, one can get creative when using it 😉

I had such an amazing time at the Sydney Oz Comic Con this year. And I can just imagine how much funner it would be at the main Comic Con in San Diego where this event is larger than life. I remember watching the highlights of the San Diego Comic Con this year and I so wished to be there. But I’m lucky enough to attend the Sydney Oz Comic Con and of course I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

I was actually looking for someone dressed as Green Arrow to take a picture with since I was dressed as Black Canary and they’re a couple in the comic books. But sadly I couldn’t find him. I only found Robin Hood. Next year, I’ll dress up as someone else more awesome. Until then.


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