We all need a holiday every now and again, or every three days…
We took some time having a dig through our memories, looking through our friends’ experiences, and here’s what we’ve come up with..
Our comprehensive bucket-list guide of the TOP TEN PLACES TO TRAVEL TO BEFORE YOU DIE, based on our real life experiences and personal wishlists..
Get into this, then get outside and enjoy the world!


  1. TEXAS, USA – Thinking Cowboys? Think about the variety of interesting people, growing art scene, immense music culture (think SXSW festival), and hundreds of miles of an untouched coastline too… Travel to Texas to witness the vast cultures they are home to, not just the cowboys…
  2. STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – Consider the cultural and historical center of its country in some respects, beautiful buildings amid a series of islands – beautiful people everywhere you turn, and with almost one-third green spaces within their city…  it’s no wonder students around the world travel to Sweden for exchange programs year round. And it’s no wonder why the Swede’s love their country.
  3. HONG KONG, CHINA – Hong Kong is the perfect blend of eastern and western cultures. With infinite energy bursting from every building, Skyscrapers with neon light displays lining the water, historical sites and a view from the top (victoria peak) you can’t forget – it’s become a city that has everything. Dumplings, floating islands, an extra-ordinary skyline, Chi Lin Nunnery (Buddhist complex) and so much more!
  4. ISTANBUL, TURKEY – Breathtaking ancient ruins and architecture lands within the slew of modern restaurants, and bustling nightlife. This city is the perfect cross between Asia and Europe – spend at least 4 days here, you won’t have done/seen enough otherwise!
  5. LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – History, art, fashion, food and a nice pint all collide when you experience LONDON. Grab some real style fish’n’chips, discover Oxford Street and feed your fashion needs, make your way to the Royal Opera House and catch a performance or show.. walk Abbey road – the list of “To – Do’s” in London is everlasting and ever-expanding. READY, SET, TRAVEL!
  6. BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA – Travelling through Buenos Aires will have you gawking in awe at the sheer beauty this city emulates. This colourful city is such a life experience! The older neighbourhoods are bursting with romance, restaurants, and a real wild nightlife! Latin America’s shopping capital, with some establishments still in place as they were since 1858! (Cafe Tortoni)
  7. NEW YORK CITY, USA. – You may recognise some buildings, some billboards, some sidewalks from TV or the movies, but when you walk those same streets in person, when you travel through New York, you feel like a local and you’ll have an overwhelming sense of energy and excitement. Whether you are in town for a weekend, or a month – there is never a dull moment in NYC. Check out some well-known landmarks and relive some movie moments, head out to some world famous nightclubs in Brooklyn (Verboten, Output), crawl home to your warm NYC bed and order yourself ANY FOOD from grubhub.com at virtually any time of day OR night….. Oh America.. <3
  8. BARCELONA, Spain – Barcelona feels like a surreal wonderland. Spanish Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi designed many of the city’s buildings, and Salvador Dali spent quite some time here too… so there’s no wonder it feels like you’re falling through the looking glass. Sip on some real sangria, watch some street performances, float from tapas bar to tapas bar and enjoy your surroundings in this other-worldly city.
  9. ST PETERSBURG, RUSSIA – Russia’s 2nd largest city, St. Petersburg is the centre of the country’s culture with wonders like the Winter Palace and the Kazan Cathedral. Take some time and browse through the art collection of Hermitage… and make your way out to enjoy some bustling nightlife along the Neva River delta.
    St Petersburg has enough art, nightlife, culture and fine dining to have you planning your return before you even leave…
  10. TORONTO, CANADA – This bustling city of Canada, although not as popular as some others, is not to be overlooked. Hosting this year’s Pan American Games, Toronto is a versatile city where over 140 languages are spoken!  Get to the top of Toronto’s CN Tower and get a view of the city from above!  2015 is looking to be BIG for Toronto, so get a chance to travel through whilst it’s all happening!

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