To Foreskin or Not To Foreskin


To foreskin or not to foreskin, that is the question. Maybe old Willy wasn’t really thinking “that is the question” when he wrote “to be or not to be”, but for the sake of this post, I’m just going to take my creative license and say Mr. Shakespeare was thinking about that.

(What, dudes think about sex all day! Shakespeare was a dude so therefore he thought about sex all day. Even while writing, Hamlet.)

Foreskin is a big issue for some.
For some, a penis is a penis…without or with foreskin.
For some, a penis with foreskin is a no.
For some, a penis without foreskin is an ugly beast.

Benefits to a guy’s overall health and well being set aside (they set our uteruses aside when it comes to health issues, I feel it’s only fair play if I set theirs aside), I could care less if you’ve got a hoodie on your manhood or if your dude is bald as a baby’s butt.

Ladies and to those gents that love cock as much as I do, I want to know what you think?

Do you prefer foreskin for aesthetic purposes?
Do you think an uncircumcised penis feels better during sex?
What’s your preference when you’re going down on a guy?

Aesthetically, for me, I don’t care as long as the surrounding area of your manhood is a man-scaped lawn. You could be “topless” on a sunny day or wrapped up in “turtle neck” on a winter’s day, if your man bush is out of control, I am not going anywhere near you.

Does uncircumcised feel better? If you’re doing sex right, it will feel good.

Please refer to man bush. If it’s out of control it’s not going in my mouth. If men (and some ladies) expect us to keep it high and tight, then you must do the same.

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