Tips for Better Sex: Women


A lot of women these days aren’t quite sure if they are pleasing their partners to the fullest extent. This is especially true of women who have partners who are also women. But what about those who have male partners? The typical stereotype is that men can pretty much get off on anything, so a lot of straight women may not consider “spicing” up their act when it comes to the bedroom. This is a very dangerous trap to fall into.

One of the most important things when it comes to sex is communication. A lot of women are great communicators but can end up falling short in terms of sex.

Please Yourself and Your Partner

As a woman, you may think that it is your duty to give your man pleasure. This is understandable since it has apparently been beaten into women’s heads for a very long time. However, one of the most important things to focus on is yourself as well. This means that if you understand just what makes you tick, you can get excited and then return the favors to your partner.

It does mean talking about things. Talking about things beforehand and even during when you are in the throes of passion can work wonders. However, consider a couple of other techniques which we have outlined here.


Thrusting may seem like something men are supposed to do. That’s true, however, you can also add your part to it by moving in rhythm with his penis and his hips. In fact, rhythm has a lot to do with it when it comes to really good sex. It may take a little while for the rhythm to get going, however, after some time, you two will know where you are at.

So, don’t be disappointed if things don’t get off straight away. It may take a little while for the both of you to get going. A lot of people seem to expect that great sex just happens, which is very far from the truth. Often, two people need to get to know one another’s bodies and then see where the night takes them. This could take an hour (in certain cases you may have an instant connection). Or, it could even take a few days. This is perhaps not ideal for a one-night stand, however for those who are in a relationship and dating it can do a world of good.

Consider Anal

Having multiple holes can also be a blessing as it does leave a lot of room for diversity. Plenty of men also seem to enjoy anal (probably because it is something that is considered “forbidden”). Anal is also something that doesn’t have to hurt. You just need to be prepared. Use a lot of lube and don’t forget a condom (HIV affects straight people as well!). Going slow at the start will definitely make it a much more pleasant experience. Once you have started, however, you may not ever want to stop!


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