The Most Easy-to-Use Sex Toys for Couples


Sex toys are undoubtedly fascinating inventions. They can make your sexcapades even better by adding in more fun, exploration, and playfulness. What’s great about them is that while they already work wonders for solo use, they can make you experience even more pleasure when used with a partner.

Want to know the best sex toys that every couple should own? Read on to find out.

Pocket Vibrator

You probably already know that vibrators are perfect for helping women achieve clitoral orgasm, but really, they can be used for purposes other than stimulating the clitoris. Mini vibrators, or the pocket-sized ones, can bring fun in multiple ways. It can be rolled up down the shaft of the penis during oral sex, and it can also be used to add some vibrations on your partner’s anus while stimulating his/her genitals. Go for a vibrator that is waterproof and will let you adjust its speed.

Vibrating Cock Ring

A lot of people love this toy, although there are also some who are not fond of it. Whether you will like it or not generally depends on you and your partner’s sensitivity level. Basically, a vibrating cock ring is a stretchy piece of plastic that is worn around the penis and has a vibrator attached to its side. This makes the penis vibrate as it thrusts, and can even stimulate the clitoris if it is angled correctly. Some people say that vibrating cock rings don’t do much for them, but there are also those who say that this sex toy can push them over the edge and make them orgasm in less than a minute. So really, being able to enjoy this toy has a lot to do with personal preference.

Mini Whip

If you’d like to make your sex kinkier and do some role play, or maybe even start exploring BDSM, you can start by getting a mini whip. Props such as this are not as threatening as most people think they are. Spanking is a sexy way to spice things up. It is pretty safe, and you can use the element of control in the bedroom without feeling like a total deviant.

Wrist Straps

Here’s another toy that you can use if you want to step out a bit from the comfort zone. Wrist straps, especially the adjustable ones, are easy and simple to use whether you want to strap someone’s hands to the bedpost or even tie his/her ankles together. These versatile tools are perfect for you and your partner if you want to start introducing light bondage into your sex life.  Look for wrist straps that are easily adjustable and have quick-release buckles.

Remote Control Vibrating Egg

This toy is ideal for couples who are interested in taking their sex deeds outside of the bedroom. A woman gets internal vibration stimulation from a vibrating egg, and her partner can control the sensations that she feels using the remote. The egg is used internally, and therefore allows couples to get kinky in a discreet manner wherever they wish. The best vibrating eggs have various vibration settings, and they operate silently.

Start introducing sex toys into your routine and you’ll see just how much more fun sex can be!


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