Precautions for Having Outdoor Sex


Well you little tiger you, I couldn’t be more proud of you wanting to take the party outside instead of the bedroom. You daring little sex kitten you’re all grown up…let me dry my tears. They grow up so fast. Anyhow, outdoor sex, not only is it a mind blowing experience, but who doesn’t want to lay under the milky way and stars naked with their partner?

Necessities for safe outdoor sex will vary by the region you live in and the season you’re currently in. For example, I’m in the United States and we’re just a few days away from Spring, but the temperatures are still very cold and we still have snow, no outdoor sex for this girl right now. But for all of you down under, I believe it’s autumn correct? Autumn in my part of the world means the trees’ leaves change colour and the temps slowly get colder, and we always have a brisk autumn breeze to whip through our clothing, so having outdoor sex is not a recommended activity. I think you understand, now on with the list, remember that most of these are optional but good ideas to keep in mind.

  • A blanket or sleeping bag
  • A pillow
  • Bug spray for muggy summer nights because the mosquitoes will get way more than you will, damn little blood suckers
  • Condoms if you use them
  • A quiet, secluded place where peering eyes cannot see you
  • Maybe some spirits to get you in the mood
  • Another blanket or towel to wrap around you in case of a chill or to hide yourself in
  • A ready, willing, and able partner

When deciding to engage in a little romp in nature, keep in mind that having sex outdoors is illegal in a lot of places. Be sure that you are somewhere that there is no fear of getting caught, because the repercussions can cause serious trouble. No one wants to get caught ‘with their pants down,’ so to say, the fines and threat of jail time are serious enough. Play it safe and be careful.

Once you have all you need for your adventure, be sure to enjoy the different scents, and sounds you will hear that are far different than in your bedroom. Burning wood is one of my favourites, I find it very arousing. Also keep in mind that those noises you make in bed, the loud screams or moans, or dirty talk have no place outdoors because in the dead of night sounds can carry so you might want to put a lid on to avoid unwanted attention.

From there just be hyper aware of your surroundings, but don’t forget to enjoy the feeling of being adventurous outdoors with your favourite partner by your side. I promise you this, the sex you have outdoors will bring new light to the sex you’re already having indoors. Enjoy!


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