Me & Mrs Jones – New Adult Boutique – Coming Soon


Meet Me & Mrs. Jones, who believes in creating a thrilling shopping experience “For Her, For Him, and For Us”. It’s for the solo player who wants to explore a new way of pleasure and for those who’ve “got a thing going on” with their own Mrs. Jones (or Mister Jones). All can explore new ways to have pleasure with toys, lingerie, fetish wear, pleasure products and many more.

Introducing Me & Mrs Jones – Adult Boutique

Imagine the soulful voice of Billy Paul in the hit “Me & Mrs. Jones” in the background where Billy crooned “we meet every day at the same cafe”, this new online adult boutique store is inspired by the song itself and aims to bring that infamous cafe meeting in the song into the privacy of your home.

What sets Me & Mrs. Jones apart from other online retailers is that the mood doesn’t begin only after you purchase an item, Me & Mrs Jones actually takes you on a soulful journey. The mood from the moment you see the provocative and alluring photos of fantasy, desire, and ecstasy that arouse the imagination and lets one continue that mood all the way to the bedroom or wherever else one likes to play. They know that sometimes “the feeling is just too strong” to resist. Me & Mrs. Jones is asking, why should you resist that feeling?

Me & Mrs. Jones will be launching soon and you’ll be able to browse their entire tantalising assortment of sensual products in their adult boutique. They’re sure to ignite your passion and leave you wanting more, and when you do want more, they make it easy for you to re-order your favourite products and to find something new that will take you all the way to the edge and back again.

Until they’re launched, follow them along their journey of sensual and sexual fun at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


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