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Kinky Candles

Wick It Wax It specialise in erotic candles, moulded off real human forms. It’s getting hot in here. 

Wick It Wax It

I discovered Wick It Wax It at the 2015 Sydney Sexpo when I overheard people giggling about phallic shaped candles. Intrigued, I strolled over to their stall and accepted a coy invitation for a demonstration. The wick was lit. Warm soy wax infused with essential oils was dripped onto my bare skin and then massaged right into my flesh. I have to admit, I was left wanting more.

On closer inspection, I was impressed by the detail and care that had been used to produce these individually sculpted candle creations. Plus their aroma was exquisite. According to the friendly staff, Sensual Sticks (part of Wick It Wax It’s adult range) are specifically designed as a sensual and relaxing massage tool.

The candles came in all shapes and sizes; torsos, penises (size small to XX Large), boobs, even some vagina fingering! If nothing else, they’ll make for some pretty hilarious dinner party conversation when your friends notice one of these candles on your mantelpiece. Or use what they’re made for and melt away your worries with some Sensual Sticks in the bedroom. It gets five (wax) stamps of approval from me.

An ‘Adam’s Pack’ featuring a ridiculously huge penis candle plus two Sensual Sticks will put you back about $45.00. Visit wickitwaxit.com.au/adult-candles.html to purchase your new pleasure stick of choice.


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Ouch! Don’t Stop





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