Its not just sex, it’s serious: Australian Sex Party almost in Parliament


It looks like Sex could soon rule the roost. Well, in the Northern Metropolitan area of Victoria for now…
Fionna Patten, leader of the Australian Sex Party, is well on her way to claiming victory and a seat in the state’s upper house after last weekend’s elections. Long gone are the days when the ASP first entered the political atmosphere and it seems that no longer are they met with giggles at the polling booths. This party means SEX! errrr.. we mean business.


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The ASP was formed 4 years ago to protect the rights of workers and business people in the sex industry that suffered persecution by members of the 2-party preference system on both sides. However, their policies are not all about issues of a sexual nature, in fact the party also wants other controversial laws instated including the legalisation and regulation of marijuana by state and federal government, same-sex marriage, equal opportunity for those living with HIV/AIDS and sex education in schools. The ASP also campaigned for the royal commission into the catholic church regarding the sexual abuse of children.
“But the issue I want to tackle first is one that neither of the major parties will even discuss and that is that 86 per cent of the population want to see a debate on euthanasia,” Ms Patten said.
“I mean, we have so many choices in our lives, we have science doing amazing things but at the end of the day we are an ageing population. There are too many ill people, too many patients suffering because they are not allowed to choose a dignified, pain-free death and their families have to watch them suffer, sometimes for years.”


Image Source: News Limited

In fact, if (and when) Ms. Patten is elected to the seat of Northern Metropolitan Victoria she wishes to introduce a bill legalising euthanasia immediately.
But the secret to Ms. Patten’s electoral victory comes from preference deals made with the Basic Rock N Roll Party, Voluntary Euthanasia Party, Animal Justice Party and the Australian Cyclists Party – contingents representing some of the 22 parties in this election.


Image Source: News Limited

It is predicted that the  results of this election will see a Victorian parliament where neither Labor or the coalition will hold a majority in the upper house.


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