How Often Should You Have Sex?


How Often Should You Have Sex

Having sex on a regular basis has many health benefits that have been proved by science. By contrast, not having it can jeopardise well-being. For years, people have wondered whether they are having enough sex or not. The question how often should you have sex is difficult to answer because people are different. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly. Even though the issue at hand is quite problematic, let’s see the aspects that make a difference in your sex life.

  • Your sex drive

And not only yours, but your partner’s, too. Are you both in the mood at least two times a week? Then doing it for two times a week would be recommended. It can so happen that you have a more intense sex drive but your partner doesn’t. You need to have a long overdue conversation in this case. Assess why exactly your girlfriend/boyfriend doesn’t feel the need to do it quite as often as you do. Once they reveal the true reason, you can both work towards solving the issue to get a healthy sex life back.

  • You’re constantly asking yourself if you have enough sex

Guess what happens when you are? You’ll get stressed, anxious and potentially sex-obsessed. Remember that you don’t need to have as much sex as porn stars do. That’s rubbish.

Again, your sex drive is something you shouldn’t take for granted. There are so many factors like health, age, stress and more that affect your sex drive. Stop asking yourself whether you have enough sex or not when you both are happy whenever you do. Keep in mind that some couples have sex once a month and try to avoid it the rest of the time. That’s when you’d definitely have a problem.

  • Constantly asking for sex when your partner is clearly not in the mood

Stop doing this immediately. You can’t just make someone horny just because you’re horny. You should meet somewhere in the middle. Reach a common ground, but don’t force your partner to have more sex because you’re feeling like it. And no, Googling “how to spice up sex life” isn’t the first solution. Again, TALK to your partner – ask what turns them on and what you need to do for them to feel horny for you.

  • Going to the sex counsellor

You don’t need to do this as quickly as you feel like you’re not having enough sex. It will cause more problems than it will solve. Believe it or not, the chances of ruining your relationship with frequent visits to the counsellor are higher than they’d normally be. Talk with your partner first, not with someone that applies the same “recipe” to everybody that enters their offices. Before you know it, you’ll start bickering and arguing more often than not. Sit your partner down, express your concerns, and be open to listening to everything they have to say. When all else fails over a period of time, then seek professional help.


Did we enlighten you? Probably not, because it is impossible to tell how many times one should have sex. Those who give the impression they know the exact number are frauds. But here’s an estimate: if you go in the bedroom at least twice a week, your sex life is 100% fine. If you always share intimate moments but just not in the bedroom, your sex life is also 100% fine.

Most of the articles you’ll find on the Internet on this topic will be, rest assured, just rubbish. You can’t quantify sex because it differs from person to person. Hell, some people are asexual and don’t even have sex. So knowing all this, you should get some peace of mind. It doesn’t matter how many times you do it if both you and your partner are happy. If not – it’s time to have a conversation.


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