A Guide to the Other Secret Female Erogenous Points


Yup, there are 8 erogenous points. Now that’s knowledge that can turn your life around. Most men are familiar with the top 4:

  1. lips
  2. breasts
  3. vagina
  4. clitoris.

Many partners get caught there and may not know about the other 4 spots to drive a woman wild.

On one hand, maybe they have no idea the woman has so many. On the other hand, maybe they do know, but they’re too lazy to tackle them. Anyway, if you want your girlfriend or wife to have the time of her life whenever you’re in bed, then you have to make sure you’re getting them all!

Let’s take a look at the other 4 you might not be familiar with.

Additional Secret Erogenous Points

5. The Inner Thigh (right behind the knee)

Quite an efficient one, we daresay. Why is it an erogenous point? Well, it qualifies as one because behind the knee, the skin is extremely sensitive. Merely touching it can make ladies feel like they’re in a pleasure roller coaster.

Add some stimulation of the inner thighs and sex will become so much better for the both of you.

6.The Back of the Neck

Stimulating this can make women go crazy. It does not apply to all women, but you should try it, especially if you didn’t do it before. A woman that has a sensitive back of the head will feel electricity go right through her, from top to bottom.

It is somehow hard to believe that most men don’t know about it. This can be the ultimate end game 80% of the time. Stimulate this while kissing and touching a lower point at the same time, and you might get eaten alive.

7. The Lower Back

The lower back is a major erogenous point because it is the proximity of the two most stimulated ones: the clitoris and the vagina. It can be easily stimulated at the same time with those.

The outcome: infallible climaxing, the type you only see in movies when the sound is usually cut off because it sounds like an exorcism is being performed anyway.

8. The Ears

Have you ever observed that if you whisper in your girlfriend/woman’s ear while having sex, you make her break out in bouts of convulsions? Ever wonder why? Because it’s among her most erogenous points.

Some women get nervier when their ears are stimulated than when their vaginas are. Something to keep in mind the next time you’re in the bedroom. Make that whispering dirty talking, and you’ll see an altogether different personality of your partner.

These eight erogenous points work best if they’re cross-stimulated. The more you combine, the grander the result will be. So, there you go once again. You’ve got: lips, ears, back of the head, breasts, lower back, vagina, clitoris and inner thigh.

Don’t get scared. You can easily handle all of them. It’s not humanly possible to get them all at the same time, however. Devise a plan so you hit the 8 of them one after the other, or 4/4.


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