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Being metro-sexual or manscaping is no longer a taboo like it was a few years ago nor is it a fringe community of men who want to look good for their partners and finally it is not just for the gay community.

Looking Good Is Just Damn Sexy

And everyone wants to look sexy.
Straight. Gay. Bi. Transgender. Whatever.

But if you’re a man, you might ask, where can I go to get pampered without invading my girlfriend’s favourite salon or manicurist that caters to me and my needs?

The answer is Face of Man

Face of Man opened in 1978 and was originally in the iconic Strand Arcade but relocated to a more spacious location on George Street in Watson House. Face of Man is Australia’s first ever male grooming lounge. No offense ladies, going to a salon doesn’t sound like fun, but saying a lounge or grooming lounge evokes dreams of yesteryear when visiting a parlour or a cigar lounge and drinking the finest whiskey was the thing to do.

What we love about Face of Man is the relaxed atmosphere and the open and ease of the lounge. You’re immediately welcomed and offered complimentary drinks and chocolates that are to die for.

Their services are not just a shave and haircut either. They have seven treatment rooms with a staff that has more expertise on men’s skincare and grooming that they could write a bible on how to be a sexy good looking man. It also helps they are not only in the forefront of state-of-the-art technology, techniques and products but they are Australia’s leading destination for men’s skincare and grooming.

Yes, we had a “we’re not worthy” moment.

Men can choose from waxing (face, arms, upper/lower body), skin treatments (facials, peels, eyebrows), massage (Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone therapy, steam room/sauna, body scrubs, nail care, laser hair removal and more.

What’s even more fantastic is that once you leave the grooming lounge, the pampering doesn’t have to stop. Their store carries everything they pampered you with should you want to take it home with you (or if you need to give an idea of a gift, send the buyer to their online store to find the perfect gift for you).

And Face of Man doesn’t want you to be a onetime customer, they’d like you to become a loyal customer for life and have all the perks that women receive from their favourite salons.

Face of Man believes in their services and guarantees you will believe it too. Their policy is that if within seven days you are not happy with the results of your treatment they will be happy to provide you a complimentary service or offer a full refund on your purchase.

We highly suggest you give Face of Man a visit today. You won’t regret it and if you’re a lady reading this and wondering if this would be an ideal gift for the man in your life, the answer is without a doubt: YES!


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