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Samantha X, acclaimed author, single mom, ex-journo and highly successful Escort Agency owner, aptly dedicates her first novel entitled ‘HOOKED’ to the empowerment of Australian women and to the mentoring of doting fans and aspiring courtesans alike through her slick, wildly popular website: favourite author is Alexander Mccall Smith, he writes about life in Africa I love it, my favourite book is HOOKED by Samantha X” Sydney’s hottest Matriarch tells us.

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Since this article was first published, Samantha X has also published “Back On Top – Confessions of a High Class Escort”.

back on top by samantha x

back on top by samantha x – buy now

Samantha X Shares

Do female escorts earn more than male counterparts?

Kindly joining us for a quick tête-à-tête at SEXPO 2016 ‘20th Anniversary’ show we asked Samantha what she liked the most and least about the journalist life, what first attracted her to Sydney’s sunny shores and of course the question on everyone’s lips, do her female escorts earn more than their male counterparts? Absolutely it’s the only industry we can charge more than men” she declares.

It seems the life of a reporter is not all chamomile tea and cucumber sandwiches after all not to mention being comparatively underpaid. “I was a journalist for many years and later became an escort at the age of 37, I am now 42. The book’s central theme is that the Sex industry isn’t just about Sex” We also learn that the escort commodity is not just about the customer getting more bang for their buck. In an age of global recession, soaring inflation and rising divorce rate, more often than not, it is about her girls lending an ear, providing a shoulder to lean on, compassion fast outranking passion as the defining bedroom quality.

Appearing as S.H.A.R.E stage guest speaker ‘IN CONVERSATION WITH SAMANTHA X‘, more fans flock to share an intimate Q&A with the self-confessed ‘Bondi Girl next door’ who loves nothing more than a pizza night out and a moonlight walk with her two dogs.

sam x

Being a journalist in London with the tabloid press was hard work, we would do things like chase Paula Yates down the street and wait outside celebrity’s homes for 12 hours, stalk people, I had a problem with the ethics or lack of, funnily enough I feel the ethics of the sex industry is much stronger. I can sleep at night now. What I liked about journalism? I’m always interested in people’s stories and I think combining storytelling with escorting is a healthy combination. I love finding out more about my clients”.

And what first attracted you to a move to Sydney? “Sunshine and Sex! Look London is a wonderful city, they say if you’re tired of London you’re tired of life. I really just got tired of commuting”. Jesus don’t we all.

Your favourite restaurant?

Bondi Icebergs

In your experience do diets work?

No women should never diet, I am anti diet. I think women should embrace their size no matter what shape or size they are because there is nothing sexy about size zero but there’s something sexy about owning your body shape and being happy with it and confident and what I’ve realized about men having worked in the sex industry is that men love confident women and that’s more sexy than being skinny. Funnily enough when I’ve been at my skinniest I’ve been at my most miserable but in saying that I don’t like sex after a big meal”.

Well they say food feeds the soul. Any recommendations for middle aged men or women on how best to stay in shape?

Have lots of sex. Be active. And drink less alcohol!”

On the topic of good advice you now offer a mentoring service?

Yes when I wrote my book we were inundated with emails from women around the world who wanted either to be escorts or wanting tips on how to be sexy, how to keep a relationship alive, usually women in their 30’s and 40’s, even 50’s.

What would you say is the most important characteristic, quality for your Angels to have or to acquire?

samantha x escort

Compassion and warmth. I don’t necessarily have beautiful women on the books, rather women who can hold a real conversation, can be a good listener and not judge men on simply how they look etc”

If you could go out to lunch with any Hollywood actor who would it be?

Meryl Streep. I love Meryl Streep!

Great choice. The questions flow. Does the Hollywood machine encourage or deter against negative stereotypes? Are hipsters damaging the world economy?

And the inevitable, if Justin Bieber called up seeking advice on how to date older women what one piece of advice would you give him?

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