99 children and counting


Ed Houban

Ed Houben’s sounds like a very awkward superhero. By day, he is an ordinary 44 year old male who works in the tourism industry in Maastricht, Netherlands. By night, Ed Houben turns into Europe’s most fertile sperm donor.

Ed Houben boasts that he has 99 known offspring scattered all over the world. He has children in Canada, Austria, Israel, Australia, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, England and many more countries.

This overly generous sperm donor first donated his seed when he was 18 years old. An older couple was saddened by their misfortune to bear a child. The couple told Houben that they had tried for almost a decade but the young man was too shy to offer his “help.”

Eleven years after this incident, Houben called the Academic Hospital’s sperm bank in Maastricht. In the span of 6 years (1999 – 2005), Ed has donated 25 times anonymously.

He quickly reached his cap at sperm bank and started seeking out other sperm banks in the Netherlands. He wasn’t afraid of any consequences but asked a doctor if he needed to stop. The doctor replied that with the population of Netherlands as big as it is, he could father up to 500 offspring.

Houben then started his own website posting the results of his STD tests and started receiving requests from women in different countries.

He claims to be an average Joe with normal IQ results and isn’t particularly athletic. In recent months, Ed Houben has gotten 72 requests for his sperm – but Ed can afford to be picky.

Screening women and the process

Ed Houben judges the women through their email. If they make several mistakes, he’s not going to donate. Next, he looks into their medical history for any STDs or potential illnesses. It’s also important that he is attracted to the women.

One woman from Texas requested for his sperm. When she disclosed her weight of 300 pounds, he quickly turned her down and said that he’ll be interested once she starts dieting.

Having intercourse with Houben isn’t necessary but he suggests it’s the best way. His “service” is free of charge because he identifies himself as a humanitarian – though he doesn’t pay for their travelling expenses.

Most of his clients come with their partners. He beds the women while their partners stay in his living room to watch TV or read a book.


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