Watch: 50 Songs to Have Sex To | 2018


We’ve been thinking about finding songs that are great to play in the background while we get down and dirty. We’ve been on different list articles and YouTube playlists and lo and behold!.. we’ve found a list that’s hot, sexy and aphrodisiac-like.

We found this playlist on YouTube called 50 Songs to Have Sex To | 2018, created by #RedMusic: Deepside

Like we said, this playlist has got all the best ones so we had to share it here.

First off, we have Chris Brown’s Privacy – Just listen, watch and melt:

And then further into the list, we have the sexy Ciara’s Body Party – This song makes the girls wet and the boys come to attention:

And we have Usher’s Climax – need we say more?:

Watch, listen, have sex to these awesome songs. See the full playlist on YouTube here:


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