25 Facts About Sex That Will Blow Everyone’s Mind


25 Facts About Sex

1 – Married people are more likely to masturbate than single people.

2 – Deep Throat is the most successful “adult movie” in history.

3 – At least one in every 5 people use their smartphones during sex.

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4 -The average orgasm for females last approximately 20 seconds. Men on the other hand last for 6 seconds.

5 – After vibrators and fingers, woman chooses candles as their preferred sex toy.

6 – Your partner may be fantasizing about another during sex.

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7 – Your nipples can give you an orgasm.

8 – The average calorie intake when swallowing semen is around 15 to 20 calories.

9 -During an average man’s lifetime, he will ejaculate approximately 17 liters of sperm.

10 – A man’s ejaculate contains millions of sperm.

11 – Sex can help reduce headaches.

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12 – You can have an orgasm sleeping.

13 – Sex burns an average of about 100 calories per session.

14 – Men have a g-spot. This area is known as the prostate.

15 – Apples are aphrodisiacs.

16- Women masturbate more often than you think.

woman masturbation

17 – Orgasms aren’t just for humans, animals have them too.

18 – The average speed of male ejaculation is 45km/h. WOW.

19 – The clitoris has approximately 8000 nerve endings.


20 – Studies have shown that sex can boost your immune system.

21 – Men think about sex around 19 times a day.

22 – Women? 10 times.

23 – There is a date show in the UK called “Naked Attraction“. Participants  can choose their partner based only upon nudity.

24 – While giving birth, some women have been known to experience an orgasm.

25 – Greek couples have sex an average of 138 times a year, placing them at the top of of the world sex league. Japanese couples have sex 45 times a year, which puts the in the last place of the list.

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