The announcement of Windows 10 packed a punch. Does Microsoft really still have it?


iOS user divert your eyes. This might be the news that makes you regret throwing out that Windows XP laptop so many years ago and converting to the big apple pie in the sky.

Microsoft announced Windows 10 this week and it includes many features that assures us that the tech giant is still well in the game when it comes to OS. They are also offering the OS free to all Windows 8 users once released for an entire year!

Your phone is now your computer

Most of your mates own either iPhones or Androids right? That’s probably to do with the fact that the current mobile operating system for windows phones was loosely based on the desktop version of Windows 8. And that my friends, is enough said.

Users who purchase Windows phones after the release of Windows 10 will be privvy to not just a version “based loosely” on the desktop version but will actually have identical versions across all devices. This means that there will be seamless integration from desktop to laptop, to tablet, to smartphone between apps, documents and more. Microsoft also announce Skype integration into their messaging services and notifications that will display across all of your devices.

The start menu is back for Windows 10

“YAS!” we hear you say. We are all sick of the full screen tiles which makes finding a program less of a small task and more of a huge “thing” which is even more painful than having to sit through a 1-year old’s birthday party (dads, you know what I mean..)

For those of you who are a fan of the life-sucking tile process, Windows 10 has met us all halfway with a start button that opens a Windows 8-like home screen and they’ve also given us a new “Action Center”. No, that’s not a kids playground with a ball pit, it’s an area where you can put all your favorite tasks, programs and more for easy access.

Surface Hub XBox Microsoft Giant TV

Surface Hub: A giant 84″ touchscreen TV

A giant touchscreen TV!

Ok, we know what you’re all thinking, why wouldn’t you just remove a remote? Well my friend, this is not a TV for watching Fox Sports or your Girls Gone Wild Cancun DVD collection. It is infact a serious business-tool with built in speakers, microphones, webcam & bluetooth which allows you to video conference and draw heaps cool stuff on the screen and share with everyone. First person to draw a penis on the 84″ Surface Hub will undoubtedly win at life. Did we also mention the screen can handle resolutions up to 4k? Yep.

HoloLens Microsoft Holograms

HoloLens: Microsoft is making holograms real!

R2-D2 has been made redundant. Holograms are here.

Well, sort of. This was the surprise in Microsoft’s arsenal this year. HoloLens is Microsoft’s offering in the hologram “technology race” (we didn’t know there was one!). Users put on a pair of goggles and it simply overlays the hologram over the real world. Its packed with sensors that map the real world and the wearer uses hand gestures to interact with the HoloLens. Cool Right?

Oh and also your tablet and your desktop now have XBox capabilities. YES!


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