Sydney Skinny Ocean Swim


When is it a good time to skinny dip? Strike that – when isn’t it a good time for skinny dipping?

Sydney Skinny Ocean Swim

It’s time for the annual Skinny Ocean Swim in Sydney. So strip down, it’s time to get wet!

Last year a thousand people went for an ocean swim in their bare bottoms in Sydney’s most exhibitionist sports event. The annual event started in 2013 by author Nigel Marsh personally had a predicament when he didn’t have swimmers but just felt like going bare anyway due to the scorching weather.

There’s two parts to the swim: one at 300 metres and the other at 900 metres. They’re not races; they’re just a human experience where you let go of your inhibitions and overcome your fear of being naked in front of strangers. We all came into this world in our birthday suits, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of. That’s what the Sydney Skinny Ocean Swim is all out.

So why not join your peers, ditch your clothes and take the plunge in this year’s naked ocean swim.

Where: Cobblers Beach, Mosman
When: Feb 28th, 2016 – 8am
Tickets: $35-$40
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