Sexuality Types-Which Are You?


It’s time to explain the different types of sexualities we have in society today, so that everyone can be in the know.

Males and females are attracted to one another, being attracted to the opposite sex only aka known as straight.

This is all about attraction to the same gender. Lesbian (female for female) and Gay (male for male). Homosexuality is also known as gay and part of the LGTB community.

Bisexuality does not mean it’s the same thing as being gay, contrary to popular beliefs, but bisexuality is one who is attracted to those of the opposite and same sex.

Also known as omnisexual, pansexuals are attracted toward people regardless of gender identity or sex. Any gender also includes transgenders, transexuals, and other gender identities.

Asexual persons are not sexually attracted to any gender. They can love someone and feel a romantic bond with that person, but they just aren’t sexually attracted to them. Do not think that an asexual person doesn’t engage in sex, because it isn’t true. They just carry no sexual attraction for anyone. It may sound a little confusing, but there are many resources for you to check out if you’d like to understand more.

These all fall into a different orientation category.

Monosexual Orientations:
This category includes only those who are only attracted to a single gender: Lesbian, Gay, Straight

Polysexual Orientations: This category describes sexualities that cross different genders: Bisexual, Pansexual

Asexual Orientation: Asexual, no sexual attraction to other genders

Demisexual: have a sexual attraction only to those they have an emotional bond with

Gray-asexuality: People that are unsure of how much sexual attraction they have, they feel they are somewhere between sexual attraction and asexuality

So, did you figure out which category you fall into? Never judge someone by their sexuality and no one should be afraid of who they are or who they like just because society pressures them.


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