The World’s Most Luxurious Bordellos


As the middle class continues to grow in densely populated countries, more people have more money to spend on the oldest profession in the world – sex work. Many dollars are being spent on an elite brand of brothel, that cater to the needs of the world’s richest people. Here we bring you five of the finest, most extravagant brothels on earth.

The World’s Top 5 Most Luxurious Brothels

1. Gotham City
Melbourne, Australia

Gotham City is Australia’s self-proclaimed “House of Sin” where “no expense is spared.” It is the most opulent brothel in Australia and, quite possibly, the world. The multi-million dollar establishment is a fantasy world where the senses are fully stimulated – from the porn star decor, to the wide array of services and ladies on offer.

2. Paradise
Stuttgart, Germany

The incredibly high ceilings, tea candles, lanterns and patterned carpets give this establishment an irresistibly beautiful, Moroccan-themed decor. More than 50,000 clients walk through Paradise’s doors each year to enjoy features like an ice room, porn cinema, gorgeous open-plan showers, pools and spas.

3. Club LV
Amsterdam, Netherlands

It’s not surprising that Amsterdam – perhaps the Holy Grail of prostitution – hosts one of the world’s most exclusive brothels. Club LV, the longest-running sex club in the Netherlands, hires the most experienced, intelligent, beautiful and stylish women that choose to be on offer.

4. Cafe Millenium
San Paolo, Brazil

With a nightclub, swimming pool, restaurant, a stage for live music, a fitness centre, hairdresser and a shop, Cafe Millenium is almost like a small, underground city. It is Brazil’s largest brothel, with 800 punters at capacity and 300 gorgeous women on any one night.

5. Sheri’s Ranch
Pahrump, Nevada

Sheri’s Ranch is one of only a handful of legal, state certified brothels in Nevada, USA. Founded by Chuck Lee (a prior law enforcement official at the District Attorney’s office and paratrooper stationed in Germany), Sheri’s Ranch is an award-winning establishment. Check out the Sex Menu to see the broad range of sexy services on offer. Plus the infographics are real cute.


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