The Relation Between Shaving Pubic Hair and STIs




Pubic hair is usually frowned upon. That’s why both men and women choose to shave it or trim down there on a regular basis. Another reason why they do it is the misconception that it enhances pleasure during sex. However, some recent research has shown that people who shave their private parts are more likely to get STIs than those who are into “bushes”. It sounds surreal, doesn’t it?

Well, yes, it does, but the research actually makes sense. In the following, we’ll let you know why manscaping (and ladyscaping, for that matter), can increase one’s risk of getting STDs.

Pubic Hair as a Barrier

Pubic hair, just like nose and ear hair, is a barrier against various bacteria and viruses. When you have sex and are unshaved down there, your skin doesn’t actually rub on your partner’s skin. If one of you has HPV, for example, having plenty of pubic hair might work as an extra reassurance that your partner won’t develop it, too, particularly when teamed up with a condom.

The research we’ve mentioned at the beginning of this article militates against people shaving their pubic hair all too often. It was proved that the razor leaves microscopic cuts on one’s skin. Bacteria and viruses can easily enter your body through those cuts. Therefore, you shouldn’t shave too frequently and especially right before you have sex. Those mini-cuts need time to heal.

We all know that grooming is widespread and that having pubic hair is associated with being dirty and not caring for one’s own body enough. In the light of this research, though, it appears that we have to change our mindset concerning pubic hair. We must be more open to accepting a full grown natural bush.

STIs You Risk Contracting

The researchers observed that grooming your pubic hair increases your chances of getting a cutaneous STI like HPV, herpes, and syphilis. Some secretory STIs, like HIV and chlamydia, were also found to be more prevalent in people who groomed excessively. All these could be coincidences, but we should certainly take this research into consideration. There’s a seed of truth in it, there’s no doubt about that, but there’s no reason to blow things out of proportion and stop trimming or grooming forever.


Having pubic hair is seen as unhygienic or less attractive, but that should not be the case. You can be 100% sanitary even if you don’t groom. This research we’ve introduced you to in this article is sure to terrify some people. But there are people who have groomed their pubic hair all their lives and never got an STI because they always used condoms. So this should serve as food for thought.

Regardless, we should not be judging anyone for whether or not they groom down there. It is their body and it is their personal choice. But now with the added risk of STI’s, we definitely need to stop judging and accept everyone for what they choose.


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