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When I saw the title of this article, Balloon Play, my reaction was simple — “What?” See, simple. I was amazed at what I thought it might have been in my dirty little mind, but it was not, as is the case with some of the strange fetishes I write about. And today we will discuss what it really is all about, including some of the psychology behind it.

Let me start you off with some of the definitions of those involved in this fetish.

  • Looner—a person with a balloon fetish (duh), this could mean blowing them up, feeling them, popping them, smelling them, also known as a person that gets sexual pleasure from any aspect of balloons.
  • Popper—needs no explanation I’m sure.
  • Non-popper—little explanation, they don’t pop the balloons and they do not like the sound of balloons popping as some do, but could enjoy the smell or feel of the balloon.
  • Balloonnaut—no, not making that up, from what I understand it’s just a word to describe people that like to be inside the balloon. Yes, I said inside.

Okay, now that you know the definitions, let’s explore some more. From what I’ve found out, there are many variations with balloon play. Some people get aroused from watching their partner blow up balloons, pop balloons, even over-inflating them. Others in the lifestyle enjoy being around latex balls or balloons, as in being surrounded by them, it makes them horny, simple as that. Yet, others get aroused from the balloons just being popped. As I said, many variations, and I’m sure I’ve only covered the tip of the iceberg.

Psychology tells us that balloon play could stem from our childhood, well more than likely in my opinion, and our love or hatred of balloons. Many non-poppers have possibly had a bad experience with balloons, which is why they are non-poppers, yet they enjoy the feel or the touch of a balloon against them, just not the popping of said balloon. We can thank Stephen King’s clown creation, Pennywise, for some of the trauma. Others may have had good experiences with balloons, like say, seeing a hot chick play with balloons-we all know how young men are, and it stuck with them causing the balloon fetish they have to come out in their adulthood.

Some people, and this one I truly believe, associate their balloon play with their childhood. For instance, the smell, feel, and sight of balloons take them back to their youth, and doesn’t everyone want to feel youthful again? On this point I can definitely understand.

Another variation of Balloon Play is known as “Bubblegum Balloon Fetish” or “Bubblegum Looning.” You guessed it: it’s all about the bubblegum balloons/bubbles. Instead of balloons being used, as they pop and have to be thrown away, bubble gum doesn’t. It can be ballooned or bubbled over and over again. The difference between a popper and non-popper doesn’t really exist with the Bubblegum Balloon Fetish because of this. As a sexual implement, bubblegum balloons can be popped against one’s naughty bits to aide in sexual arousal.

One more part of the fetish is that the balloons often vary depending on size, colour, shape, or material. There are fetishists in the lifestyle that are more particular with their balloons; some must be shaped like animals, or people or a shape that they want, not just your normal dime store variety. There are also people that use rubber gloves instead of balloons, because that’s what they like, the ones that you find at medical stores.

What it boils down to is that just like any other fetish, there are a vast majority of differences depending on what the person or their partner is into. Do not judge because your BFF or your Sister-in-Law for that matter could have a fetish, and admittedly, most of us humans do, it’s just part of what makes us human!

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