Dogging in Australia


Dogging is a voyeuristic act that quite a few people enjoy for multiple reasons. When it comes to legality, however, it does tend to be something of a gray area. In most cases, it involves going to a place that is known for public sex and watching others engage in it.

However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be in a public space.

Dogging and Voyeurism at Swinger Parties

There are plenty of swinger parties that take place all across the country, and it is usually at these events that voyeuristic fetishes such as dogging are indulged. And within these contexts, the entire act itself is also consensual so in terms of legality, most people don’t have to worry about these. Finding out where these events are is possible through exploring various online communities, so don’t be afraid to check online.

If you are interested in finding out more about voyeuristic events and forms of dogging in Australia, you can ask in forums and see where different meet-ups are happening.

Word of Mouth

For those who enjoy being secretive, it is usually best to find out more about this fetish through word of mouth. Particularly in areas which are known for public sex: some people may, in fact, take the time to research the best places and ask others they know are also into dogging. As with most places in Australia, it is important to remember that public spaces near more populated areas will give you the best chances.

So, there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to dogging in Australia: you just need to know the right information and/or people. And of course, it’s a good idea to take a few precautions before you actually do anything. The last thing anyone wants is to get caught!


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  1. Knowing the right information and people makes all the difference if you’re thinking of taking the plunge. Absolutely right about it being word of mouth since it is generally a tight lipped community.


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