Adult Entertainment Expo an International Meet-Up


The AVN Adult Entertainment Expo is on this month, January 20-23 2016, at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. This is a pornstar fiesta where you can get the chance to meet and party hard with a spread of good time girls. There will be exhibits selling you cool sexy stuff, plus seminars with porn stars where they reveal the intimate details of their lives, and private parties where you can get down and dirty with the stars of the show. This is the event where you can surround yourself with sin and catch an eyeful of boobs and butts.

The talent list for this big time adult industry expo is as long as Ron Jeremy’s dick, well, even longer actually. So many beautiful ladies with very few clothes on and wide and bright inviting smiles. Meet Jessica Drake and Farrah Abraham in the flesh. Go beyond pixels for the very first time and boogie with the best. Satiate your lust meter in the company of Jenna Sativa. Or, perhaps Chris Cock and Tommy Pistol are more your style? Ron Jeremy, the great man himself, will be here in the flesh to help you stretch your imagination.

Participate in a seminar with a bondage mistress and feel the power of her 50 000 volt electric wand. Jessica Drake the superstar of porn will present a mind blowing seminar on “What Sex is….”. There will be lots of sex educators for those who are still unsure about the whole thing. Chelsea Poe is a trans woman performer and she or he will be doing his or her thing. The Woaded Viking is onstage to wield his sword. Jenny Block wants you to live your life like an open marriage. Mystryss Lily is a fetish expert. There is so much to see and hear at this incredible event.

If you want to party with the girls bring your serious credit card, as the tickets do not come cheap. Why the fuck would they be? This is major league poon tang and bare ass with plenty of tattoos. Four hundred and fifty bucks gets you into a private party, but don’t forget to purchase your three hundred dollar 4 day VIP pass to get you into the show in the first place. But what is money when there is all this pussy on display and reaching out from behind your computer screen to tantalise you in the flesh.


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