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With more than 134,000 customers per month, Brothels.com.au ranks number #1 on Google for many different search terms.

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Every day we have customers calling, asking for recommendations on the best adult establishments in Australia. We would LOVE to send them your way!

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Our new software means you’ll know which calls you receive came from Brothels.com.au. You will hear an automated whisper saying “Brothels.com.au,” once the call is connected. So you’ll know just how many leads our website provides your business.

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You’ll receive weekly updates and call logs from your friendly marketing consultant, to keep you up to date with how well your advertisement is performing.

Our playground

Having our fingers in many adult industry pies, we’re passionate about delivering a full service to our clients. Our Adult Playground gives you the opportunity to cross advertise on all of our sites. For example, our new and improved escort directory – My Playmate, Asian Brothels and Adult Press – your sexiest source of news and entertainment.

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New to our Adult Playground – ‘Me & Mrs. Jones’, our new online sex toy shop! Our clients will receive exclusive, saucy discounts on a huge range of products such as lingerie, condoms, lubes and toys, just to name a few.

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Adult Press is one of Australia’s most trusted web development and design companies. We should know - they designed our Adult Playground! Adult Press specialises in adult entertainment and can help your business stand out from the crowd.

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Our national team are on hand to help you with any enquiries. Just call 1300 780 182 during business hours, or email admin@brothels.com.au after hours.

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